About Us

Our Moto

The motto of Areca School - "You are the light of the World" - points out to the important role of Children in bringing peace and prosperity to the world. The Institution is committed to equip the future citizens with knowledge, truth and dignity to face every challenge in the world and to make it a better place to live in. So, wherever an Arecan will go, he/she will shine brightly and spread light all over.

Aim & Objective

Areca School was established with the noble mission of helping the society move forward in peace and prosperity.

  • Holistic Education
  • Individually – guided learning
  • Education to face the challenges of everyday life – situations
  • Education that equips one to face the global challenges
  • Education focused to make the student a refined citizen, useful to oneself and to the society.

We believe that education should be a tool to free the mind of its limitations and it should empower everyone with wisdom and courage.

Our vision of tomorrow and a strong foundation today, fulfill our motto of "Today is Tomorrow".

We Grow As You GrowThe infrastructure of Areca School is ready to run classes till XIIth standard and has been affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi vide Affiliation No is 1230039 and Code No. 31032.

The Main Campus

Areca School's superbly landscaped campus comprises of ergonomically constructed school building - a five storey building complex, comprising of 20 classrooms, and auditorium, the administrative block, library, computer lab, music room, hostel building, a tuck-shop, indoor games, toy room and play area.

Class - Room

The spacious and well-ventilated class rooms provide plenty of space for the children and teachers to move around and interact so as to make the teaching - learning process a memorable experience. The class - room are equipped with state - of - the - art facilities that include - white boards, projectors and other scientific equipments.

Computer Lab

The School has a well - equipped computer lab. Under the guidance of trained teachers, the students are familiarized with computer operation right from class one.


The School Library is well – stocked so as to facilitate further studies of different subjects. These go a long way in reinforcing what students learn in the class room. The addition of latest books on Science, Arts, Computers, Humanities, Social Studies, Languages, General Knowledge, Environment etc. is a continuous and ongoing process.

Music Room

A music room with necessary instruments is provided to nurture the musical talents of the students. Professional instructors impart lessons in classical, Indian oriental, devotional and folk music. The activity ensures the all-round development of the students.

Play Area, Toy Room

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!"

At Areca, we believe that education is not merely confined to the four walls of a class room. In order to ensure the physical, mental and intellectual growth of its students, the school offers a wide spectrum of indoor and outdoor games. In addition, physical training classes imbibe a sense of discipline and punctuality in the Students.

For the lower classes the school provides many interesting toys and play equipments like – sea-saw, slider, humpty-dumpty, tricycle, fish car, roxy two – in – one, puzzles etc.

Staff Room

A well organized staff working bay makes the teachers work more efficiently. We understand the importance of the teachers' holistic effectiveness in shaping your child's future.


A well lit and spacious auditorium designed for conducting all school events. This facility is ideal for functions such as award functions, Parent-Teachers meeting, Annual day & other important events.

Tuck Shop

The School maintains a well – stocked store where all essential articles like school uniforms, approved text books, stationary, snacks etc. are provided at a reasonable price.

Transport Facilities

A fleet of transport vehicles manned by trained personnel, sensitized to the needs of small children, provide a safe and smooth travel of students from home to school and back.

School Uniform

The School uniform derives its colour from the Areca Palm Tree.

Boys : Orange trousers, white shirt, red belt, white socks, black shoes dark red tie with a white stripe (Navy blue sweater and blazer for winters) for the normal working days except on Wednesday and Saturday.

On Wednesday and Saturday - White trousers and their respective house T-Shirts, red belt, white socks and White canvas shoes.

Girls : Orange skirt, white shirt, red belt, white socks, black shoes dark red tie with a white stripe, white ribbon (Navy blue sweater and blazer for winters) for the normal working

On Wednesday and Saturday - White skirts and their respective house T-Shirts, white ribbon, red belt, white socks and White canvas shoes.

All students except the pre-nursery classes are required to come to school in full uniform.

Outdoor Camping Area

Besides the main campus, the school boasts of 30 acres of land in completely natural surroundings, which is reserved for the planned future upgradation and expansion of the Areca School campus. We also have our own swimming pool. At present this facility is used as the outdoor camping area in which the school taught the students on plantation, swimming, hiking etc. to reach the height for their future prospect.

Curriculum and Teaching Methods

Areca School follows the curriculum and books recommended by CBSE/NCERT. The medium of instruction is English. In addition, the students are taught Manipuri Script and language. And lessons from the bible are imparted for the children’s spiritual and moral development.

Examination & evaluation: Regular and objective assessments of each student performances are carried out through monthly tests and periodic examinations. Report cards are issued after each examination.

Progress Report: The academic performance of every child is brought to the notice of the parents at regular intervals. The final report card reflecting the cumulative performance throughout the year is sent to the parents at the end of every academic session. Information on behavioural, characters and the performances in sports and extracurricular activities is also reflected in the report card.

Counseling : The Main Objectives of counseling are to help the students adjust to the demands and pressures of school life, think objectively and develop healthy interpersonal relationship. The counseling cell headed by a full time counselor also conducts aptitude, I.Q., E.Q. and psychological tests for every child at least once in an academic year. Counseling helps the students remain motivated and maintain a high morale in the face of adversity.

"The mediocre teachers tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires."
- William Arthur Ward

At Areca School, the focus is on participatory and interactive learning. Therefore, our teachers inspire the students to learn by creating a conducive atmosphere. The students are encouraged to become active agents of the teaching-learning process, so as to make it an all – inclusive education.

In addition, latest technology and up-to-date pedagogic methods are used to give our students a competitive edge over others.

Play School

The first introduction of the school for a small baby is an impression for life. This time of life decides the total attitude of the child forever. Coming straight from the cosy lap of the mother to a new place with strangers around is not a very easy transition.

Areca School realizes every bit of how to make this transition a smooth and happy experience. We realize that your child’s first images, forms, feel of toys & play equipments, and surroundings have to be child-friendly and conducive to his/her all-round development.

At Areca, we create an ambience that is quite like a child's paradise!

At Areca's Play School a child is exposed to a whole new world of learning

  • Recognition of Alphabets & Numbers.
  • Introduction to colors & Numbers.
  • Introduction to colors & shapes.
  • Introduction to vegetables & fruits, birds & animals.
  • Toilet training.
  • Eating, washing hands & proper hygiene.
  • Familiarisation with the things around.
  • Paper Tearing and Colouring.
  • Free Play and adjustment with the peer group.
  • First introduction to prayer.
  • Drawing & Scribbling.

Half of an adult's intelligence is formed before the child turns 4… another 30% by the time he/she is 8 years old... And the remaining 20% by the age of 18. 2 years is the right age for your child to start going to pre-school. "Transform your child's future.... Start early...."

Parenting Tips


  • Talk to your child positively about the school.
  • Listen patiently to the child.
  • Avoid arguing & quarrelling in front of children.
  • Treat tests and assignments seriously.
  • Hug your child daily.
  • Always express your love to your child.
  • Do not criticize your child in the presence of others.
  • Do not over-expect from the child
  • Do not compare your child with other children.
  • Let your child express himself / herself freely.

Age Criteria

As on 1st April of the Academic Year,
A child should be
a) 2+ in Pre-nursery
b) 3+ in Nursery
c) 4+ in Preparatory School
d) 5+ in Class I and so on.

Hostel and Boarding Facilities, Hostel Building

A large hostel building, with modern amenities and separate dormitories for boys and girls, caters to the needs of the boarders. The boarding facilities are available for class one onwards. Resident wardens and qualified staffs / members look after the needs of the boarders 24 x 7. In a nutshell, the hostel provides 'a home away from home'.

Hostel Life a Complete Education for Life

Hostel life is a complete education for life. In addition to the class room learning, there is a lot more to be learnt in the dormitories and hostel. The boarders learn self-discipline through housekeeping activities. They learn table manners, etiquette and cleanliness during their stay in the hostel.


The school provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Special care is taken to provide a balanced diet of cereals, fresh milk, butter, cheese, eggs, meat, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits. The menu is prepared on the advice of qualified dietician.

Health and medical facilities

Round-the-clock medical facilities are available for the boarders. Expert doctors and assistant staff attend to them.

Tutorial and extra classes

Hostel wardens and concerned teachers supervise the self-study of the boarders. Special attention is paid to ensure the progress of weak students.

Devotional Hours

Devotional programme, conducted every evening, aims to provide determination, balanced mind and concentration in order to cater to the spiritual and devotional needs of the boarders. Speeches and sermons by religious leaders, devotional films, books and music are used to awaken the children’s spiritual and devotional faculties.

Physical Training

The boarders' day begins with a prayer and a physical training in the morning, so that they can face each new day with fresh determination and sound health.

Entertainment and Recreation

Besides television - viewing, games and story telling sessions, boarders are periodically taken out to amusement parks, museums, zoo and fairs etc.


1.Name of the School with address:ARECA SCHOOL
(strictly as per Affiliation sanctionNear 2nd M.R. Gate, North AOC
letter or as permitted by the Imphal, Imphal East District
Board) with pin code no.Manipur - 795001
(i) E-mailarecaschool.imp5@gmail.com
(ii) Ph. No.0385 - 2422857
(iii) Fax No.0385 - 2422857


Year of establishment of school



Whether NOC from State/UT

or recommendation of Embassy
of India obtained?Yes
(i) NOC No.12/1/03 -SE(S)pt-II
(ii) NOC issuing date16th May, 2011


Is the school is recognised, if yes

by which AuthorityYes, Dept. of Edn(s), Govt. of Manipur


Status of Affiliation

(i) Affiliation No.1230039
(ii) Affiliation with the Board since2012-13
(iii) Extension of affiliation uptoN/A


Name of Trust/Society/Company

Registered under Section 25 ofMANIPUR
the Comapany Act, 1956.
Period upto which Registration of
Trust/Society is validPermanent with no validity

7. List of members of School Managing Committee with their Addres/tenure and post held




Post Held


1 Mr. K. Golmei Kakhulong, Imphal Chairman 3 years
2 Mr. Robert SR Charhajar Phaijol Secretary 3 years
3 Ms. Khanghemmeiru Gangmei Masjid Road, Imphal Convenor 3 years
4 Mr. Saphullung Montha Kamei Paona Bazar, Imphal Member
(Teachers Representative)
3 years
5 Mrs. Manju Kharel Paona Bazar, Imphal Member
(Teachers Representative)
3 years
6 Mr. Babu Kamei Governor Road, Imphal Member
(Parents' Guardians Representative)
3 years
7 Mr. James Kamei Kakhulong, Imphal Member
(Parents' Guardians Representative)
3 years
8 Mr. Y. Dennison Principal, JNV, Mao CBSE Nominee 3 years
9 Mr. A.K. Seet Principal, K.V. Loktak CBSE Nominee 3 years
10 Dr. Phami Phaomei Paona Bazar, Imphal Member (Nominated) 3 years
11 Mrs. Gaiphulsillu Golmei Namthanlong, Imphal Member (Nominated) 3 years
8. Name and official address of the

(i) E-mail
(ii) Ph. No.
(iii) Fax No.
Rohini Golmei
Kakhulong, Paona Bazar,
0385 - 2422857
9. Area of school campus
(i) Acres
(ii) In sq. mtrs.
(iii) Built up area (sq. mtrs)
(iv) Area of playground in sq. mtrs
(v) Other facilities

(i) Swimming Pool
(ii) Indoor games
(iii) Dance Rooms
(iv) Gymnasium
(v) Music Rooms
(vi) Hostels
(vii) Health & Medical Check up

2.03 acres
8215.118492 sq. mtrs
1306.6666 sq.mtrs
3000 sq.m.

10. Details of fee structure Admission Fee Monthly Fee
(i) Pre-Nursery Rs. 4000/- p.a 500/- p.m.
(ii) Nursery Rs. 4000/- p.a 500/- p.m.
(iii) I to V Rs. 5000/- p.a 600/- p.m.
(iv) VI to VIII Rs. 5000/- p.a 600/- p.m.
(v) IX & X Rs. 5000/- p.a 700/- p.m.
(vi) XI & XII N/A N/A
11. Transport facility Yes
(i) Own buses Yes - available
(ii) Buses hired on contract basis No
(iii) Details of transport charges 1000/- p.m. and above according to the distances

12. Particulars of teaching staff




Date Of Birth

Date Of Appointment


Probation Confirmed

Adhoc/Part Time

1 Khanghemmeiru G Principal 10/3/68 15/2/06 Trained 2/4/07 -
2 Rohini Golmei Manager 9/9/62 1/2/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
3 Meikingailu Phaomei Librarian 22/8/68 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
4 Saphullung M.K. TGT 24/7/80 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
5 Thangjam Manimala TGT 2/3/82 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
6 R.K. Geeta Chanu TGT 1/4/68 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
7 Khomdram Sayarani TGT 7/3/80 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
8 Neera Longjam TGT 19/3/89 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
9 Tejlakshmi Kabrambam TGT 16/4/78 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
10 Thingbaijam Anita TGT 1/2/80 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
11 Limmei Thaimei TGT 23/6/75 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
12 Chongtham Ibetombi TGT 1/3/74 1/4/11 Trained 1/4/13 -
13 Biva Jha TGT 23/1/73 1/4/11 Trained 1/4/13 -
14 Tunapui Kamei TGT 3/3/75 1/4/09 Trained 1/4/10 -
15 Khamjailung Thaimei TGT 1/2/83 1/4/10 Trained 1/4/11 -
16.Golmei PougailungTGT2/2/80 1/4/13 Untrained - Adhoc
17.Kamei Dev KabuiTGT1/3/86 1/4/13 Untrained - Adhoc
18.Lansinmei KhumbaTGT26/2/89 1/4/13 Untrained - Adhoc
19.Gaingamlung GangmeiPRT19/10/85 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
20.Ningthoujam SheilejaPRT19/1/73 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
21.Ningthoujam DannyPRT3/3/83 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
22.Kachunganglu PameiPRT28/2/84 1/4/13 Trained - Adhoc
23.Leena LongmeiPRT1/2/84 1/4/13 Trained - Adhoc
24.Aruna ThangjamPRT2/3/79 1/4/08 Trained 1/4/09 -
25.Asha ThapaPRT21/6/64 1/4/13 Trained - Adhoc
26.Achapui MaringmeiPRT12/11/81 1/4/13 Trained - Adhoc
27.Laishram ChungjenPRT1/1/82 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
28.Ch. Chinneisem VaipheiPRT1/4/86 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07-
29.SK ZareenPRT25/2/83 1/4/13 Trained - Adhoc
30.Phaomei AchungDance Teacher1/2/64 1/4/13 Trained - Adhoc
31.Langonglung RongmeiPTI (P.E.T)5/1/83 1/4/13 Trained - Adhoc
32.K. HemprakashNTT1/2/74 2/4/06 Trained 1/4/07 -
33.R.K. PadmawatiNTT1/7/82 1/4/11 Trained 1/4/13 -
34.Kh. RobikaNTT2/3/84 1/4/10 Trained 1/4/11 -
35.Binita SanabamNTT1/4/90 2/4/06 Trained 2/4/07 -

13.Details of salary being paid by the school to Teaching Staff/Non-teaching staff

Designation Scale of pay Grade pay % of D.A. HRA EPF contribution
1. TGT 9300 - 34800 4300 58% NIL 12% + 13.61%
2. PRT 5200 - 20200 2400 58% NIL 12% + 13.61%
3. NTT 5200 - 20200 2400 58% NIL 12% + 13.61%
4. PTI (P.E.T) 5200 - 20200 2400 58% NIL 12% + 13.61%
5. Dance Teacher 5200 - 20200 2400 58% NIL 12% + 13.61%

14. Mode of payment of salary

(i) Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing Punjab National Bank
Bank A/c No. 2775005500000348
(ii) Through single cheque transfer advice Yes
(iii) Individual cheque No
(iv) Cash No

15. Library facilities

(i)Size of the Library in sq. feet 37" x 33" feet
(ii)No. of Periodicals 10
(iii)No. of Dailies 10
(iv)No. of Reference books class-wise 570
(v) No. of Magazine 25
(vi)Others 5150

16. Name of the Grievance/redressal Officer
with E-mail, Ph.No., Fax No

Smt. Athokpam Mimi
17. Members of Sexual Harassment Committee
Smt. Athokpam Mimi
Smt. Gaiphusillu Golmei
Smt. Dr. Phami Phaomei

18. Section wise enrolment of school for the current session

ClassSectionNo. of BoysNo. of GirlsTotal No. of Student
Class 1 A(Venus) 21 19 40
Class 1 B(Mars) 20 19 39
Class 1 C(Jupiter) 18 18 36
Class 2 A(Venus) 19 20 39
Class 2 B(Mars) 18 22 40
Class 3 A(Venus) 20 20 40
Class 3 B(Mars) 18 21 39
Class 4 A(Venus) 19 21 40
Class 4 B(Mars) 20 20 40
Class 5 A(Venus) 19 21 40
Class 5 B(Mars) 22 18 40
Class 6 A(Venus) 20 20 40
Class 6 B(Mars) 17 22 39
Class 7 A(Venus) 16 14 30
Class 7 B(Mars) 18 12 30
Class 8 A(Venus) 23 17 40
Class 8 B(Mars) 21 19 40
Class 9 A(Venus) 16 16 32
Class 9 B(Mars) 15 16 31
Total 715
19. Academic Session period From 1st April to 31st March
20. Vacation period Summer Vacation
Winter Vacation
From 18th June to 10th July
21st December to 6th January
21. Admission period From 1st March to 31st March